Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the utilization of services provided by Guardian Lockers, Inc. (“Operator”) and all agreements made between the user and the Operator concerning items, including but not limited to articles, cellular phones, clothing, bags, money, and valuables, collectively referred to as “Articles,” placed in the Operator’s equipment.

1. Agreement Validity: An agreement or promise becomes legally valid and enforceable once the Operator has either a) concluded it with the user in writing (handwritten, electronic, or otherwise) at the site, or b) the user has agreed to these terms and conditions on the Operator’s website via a pre-booked purchase.

2. User Responsibilities: The user agrees to adhere to written (handwritten, printed, electronic, or otherwise) and/or oral instructions provided by the Operator regarding the use of their equipment and supplied locks and combinations.

3. Refunds: No refunds will be provided for pre-booked and paid services, whether used or not.

4. Articles Allowed: The user may not store items in the Operator’s equipment that pose a risk or nuisance to the Operator, other users, the facility, or the event. The Operator reserves the right to inspect and refuse items deemed hazardous or disruptive.

5. Identification: The Operator has the right to verify the user’s identity using official documents and may require payment of administration charges where applicable.

6. Liability: The user acknowledges that the Operator’s services are used at their own risk. The Operator is not liable for loss due to various factors, except in cases of willful acts or gross negligence, with a maximum liability of $250 per incident.

7. Time Period Available: Articles must be collected during specified opening times and before the agreed custody period expires. Charges must be paid in full before release.

8. Articles Left Behind: Unclaimed articles will be returned to the individual who can prove identity and booking. The Operator is not liable if the property is released to the person with correct proof of identity.

9. For Lockers: The Operator can open lockers at any time and may inspect articles for approval. Damages or loss of padlock may result in additional charges.

10. Choice of Law: All agreements with the Operator are governed by Alabama law. Disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of state and/or federal courts in Alabama.

For inquiries, Guardian Lockers, can be contacted by phone from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, at 1(800) 867-1709.